Fleets come in different sizes and for different purposes. Whatever the case, fleets are always used for the desired outcome. It could be; freight and logistics, deliveries, hospital ambulances, school buses, construction vehicles, farm vehicles such as tractors etc.

With the use of fleets come expenses and labor costs which are factors of production. In order to run an efficient business, you will need to meet most of your goals and objectives.  It is vital to ensure you build the most efficient workforce and keep costs down.

Retriever provides next level generation tracking system that employs the latest and most robust cellular technology in the tracking industry. With our vast experience in handling fleets, we are at the core of streamlining operations in your fleet. We enable you to see further, take action and always stay ahead of the competition.

By working with Retriever, we ensure that:

  1. Optimize operations

By having a smart manager using Retriever systems, you can be able to track and monitor your vehicles in real-time, this managing time, and working hours by staff.

The smart system will also alert you on a deviation of routes which had been present earlier thus keeping an inventory of mileage covered and avoiding misuse of your vehicle. Issues of unnecessary overtime will also be curbed. By doing these you will reduce time wasted on the deviation and also save on fuel costs.

  1. Manage staff and reduce employee turn-over

Our smart system hugely reduces redundancy at the workplace while increasing efficiency and accountability. The system also generates reports on driver behavior thus enabling you to asses’ performance of staff based on merit. It also enables you to tame expectations and reward good work. For fleet managers, you will easily track your team’s performance individually, by having the right tools in place; this will, in turn, help you to surpass your goals by cutting on non-performance.

  1. Peace of mind

Retriever also provides Bureau Services which will work for you on a 24H basis. This is especially good for business owners who are abroad or are in distant contact with their business. We put you at rest by doing all of the above on your behalf. You also get fleet and performance reports on a regular basis; daily, weekly or monthly with regard to your preference. Having a smart partner enables you to save more and could also save you from a potentially rogue manager.

  1. Fuel a major headache

Having untrustworthy drivers can be a major concern to Fleet managers. Using our latest technology of fuel monitoring, we put you in a position of ease as you can now track fuel usage against mileage.  Any drastic or irregular drop in fuel levels will trigger an alert. You can also have fuel tracking reports at the end of every trip. Worry less, save more!

The bottom line is to increase revenue and cut on costs. Retriever will also ensure that your fleet will have a longer life-span by reducing misuse.